The Virus Ate My Computer

I have the absolute worst luck with computer viruses! At the law firm I at least had an outside IT consultant to handle those sorts of tasks but for my personal computer its just me, and I seem to be failing. After a week of fighting with my laptop I finally was able to set it back to factory settings and it works wonderfully but also means I lost all of my music and bookmarks, super annoying!
Blogging/blog stalking has been horrible difficult on my work laptop so I have been a bit of a slacker. I am pretty sure I haven't been on pinterest once this week, not sure how I ever survived.
Here is my second week hits and misses!
1.  I found the perfect way to use my projector! I don't give up easily and on Friday I spent my entire 1st period conference time messing with my projector and its settings. And then I had the most brilliant idea, turn the lights off and use the cement wall instead of the projector screen. And it worked! Every period all of my classes whole heartily agreed they liked the room with the lights off, its odd teaching in the dark but if it works it works.
2.  On Friday 5 out of my 6 classes took notes, quietly and thoroughly. Seeing so much student participation so early on is always a good sign for work to come.
3. On Friday 7th period won. I spent a great deal of the weekend analyzing where I can improve my classroom management with them and hope to see some improvements this week. My odds aren't great we only averaged one good day all week.
4.  I still have 7 broken computers! Super impossible to take fair grades if some students don't have a working computer.
5. I hate grading papers. I spent over 5 hours this afternoon entering an unreal amount of grades. I have close to 180 students. 8 grades per student for the first two weeks. What an exciting Sunday I had.
6.  I made it to the gym one day after work! I consider this an accomplishment considering I made it zero days the first week.
7.  In an effort to become more involved I started a Robotics after school club this week and joined the PBS committee.
8.  The Longhorns won their second game! And I got to spend the game out watching with friends, which is truly the best way to spend a game day!

I am bracing myself for a full third week with tons of late meetings, with hopes that after this week things will start evening out and perhaps I might even get all of my computers working.
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