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I actually have a post with good news, shocking I know. Before you go thinking my air conditioning has been fixed, let me correct you it hasn't and I am in fact still bitter.

But onto my great news, on Friday a computer technician came and actually fixed my remaining broken computers. So for the first time in 9 weeks of school everyone of my students was able to use a computer to complete their computer based assignments. It's crazy how excited I was on Friday, nothing could ruin my mood.

So now that I have all 30 computers up and working I feel like we can start moving forward and completing more complex projects in all of my classes and I can quit feeling guilty about some kids having to sit out of some activities.

One of the tech tools I lean on heavily is lanschool. It allows me to be the big brother of the classroom and I use it in many different ways during the period to prevent students from being able to freely use the computer. 

For teachers that are already using it, I have been having a techy issue that perhaps you can address. My campus IT tech told me she doesn't have lanschool rights so she won't even look at it, sigh. When I go to unblock one thing for one student it unblocks it for the entire class. For example, a student wins a "listen to music while I work pass" so I unblock their sound and suddenly the whole class can listen to their sound. It is completely driving me insane because it didn't work like this last year and I am dreading the process of putting in another IT ticket for a simple question.  Probably wouldn't have an answer for another 9 weeks. So any suggestions would be incredibly helpful!

I have some pretty exciting projects going on right now in all of my classes, which I will be posting about this week, hopefully. In Robotics we are working on programming for our robot races, and this race course is probably the most challenging I have ever created. In Career Tech we will be doing egg drops this week, I am feeling brave! And in Web Design we are learning HTML which proved to be the hardest thing I taught last year so hopefully this year will be a bit smoother.

I am hoping the weather gods are on my side this week and this amazing weather change hangs around and keeps my room closer to 80 than 87. A normal person might hope for the AC being fixed but I have given up, in fact I am considering calling my union person and seeing if there is anything that can be done beyond me asking for the AC to be fixed. This whole situation makes me feel uneasy but I have no clue what else I can do to get the issue fixed. 

In other random news one of my girlfriends works at the Iron Cactus downtown, which I have frequented a lot over the years, and last night she got to meet Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery. I am beyond jealous! If you don't know who they are, they are the brothers from Boondock Saints, one of my favorite movies. And Norman Reedus is in Walking Dead, a show I HEART. There really wasn't a real reason for sharing this besides my jealousy and to post a picture or two.

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